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GIRL & TRACTOR | Federica and Fendt 724 Vario "THOR"


Hello there, Federica. I think you're pretty cool and great, and I enjoy watching your films. He needs his girlfriend to be able to operate a tractor like that. I work as a bus driver (15 meters tall), and whenever I drive past the fields and see tractors, I think of you. You need a lot of room on the road, much like we need when we have to turn on a street. When I have to turn at a junction, I have to cross the other side of the road to move around, but just like you, when driving with a trailer, you have to cross the other side of the road, and I always give you enough room. I can go around, so I don't think there's time for you to exit a side street. We also say farewell and thank you. Help. In Denmark, I frequently greet farmers. They appear to be running a large business but not earning much money. I have a timetable to follow, but if I am late, there is nothing I can do; I will always provide you with backup plans. Hello, Pierre Denmark.


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