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luxury in a 18 wheeler Shell Bootleggers Pulling Team


This is one of those rigs where you plan your trip a month in advance. It's not like you could make a right turn without taking up the entire block. Even then, there will be an issue. But she does look lovely.

I attended to the same school as him. He earned some money transporting really big s... very illegally, then got into the Pennsylvania coal industry at the perfect time, and he's five years younger than me, so he's forty two. He's a really kind man. I was with him only a few months ago. He likes the wooden flooring with the seats right on top of them.

I don't understand how it could navigate turns. A wheelbase of more over 35 feet is difficult to turn on its own. The trailer is 53 feet long, unless it is allowed to be longer. Truck stops must be a nightmare to enter and exit.
Without a question, it's a stunning machine. Driving along the interstate must be thrilling.


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