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Mike Ingram super Kenworth W-990


With a length of 261 inches, the 2020 Kenworth W-990 practically defies belief. Despite its modest yet clean white external appearance, the inside offers several incredible features. They are as follows:

Full-sized stainless steel refrigerator with bottom drawer freezer that is ultramodern and high-end.
With granite countertops, a contemporary glass backsplash, an electric stove, a microwave, dark wood cabinets, and top-of-the-line faucets and fixtures, this kitchen is really premium.
Full bath with shower (again, fantastic tilework throughout) and matching cabinetry
The fridge in this sleeper is stainless steel as well, although it appears to be smaller and thinner than the one in the Peterbilt. It also lacks the bottom drawer freezer that is typical in higher-end modern houses these days, but it is still very lovely.
This sleeper features similar finishes to the Peterbilt, such as granite worktops and stainless steel appliances, but it also includes a slide down TV and red LED lights on the ceiling for exceptional visibility of the interior while driving. This sleeper's one distinguishing characteristic is that it has separate sinks - obviously not a standard design.
Under-bed 100-gallon water tank
Of course, it contains everything you'd expect from a luxury sleeper, such as a full-sized TV, a table/work space, and a bed.


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